Welcome to Premier Bath & Body Care LLC!

Premier Bath & Body Care LLC is a skin care line created by Mother and Daughter. Over the years, we have strived to find hobbies that we could both enjoy together, and we finally found that through the art of soap making.
For years, mom and I have both struggled with sensitive skin. Finding the right soap products for our skin types has always been a challenge. We have tried and tested many retail products that claim to be beneficial to sensitive skin, but we were never truly satisfied. We were on the hunt for products that not only moisturized our skin, but also had long-lasting beautiful fragrances. Unfortunately, we never really found that “happy medium”. We either had to sacrifice scent for more sensitive products, or use fragrant products and risk the discomfort of allergic reactions. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! It was time for a change…
We experimented with various natural butters, oils and botanicals and our hobby quickly turned into our passion. Over time, we started making bigger batches and giving them to friends and family as gifts to try. Finally, after months of perfecting our soaps, it became clear to us that we needed to share our products with the world. And so, Premier Bath and Body Care was born…
Overtime we have expanded our line to a variety of bath & body products, and with the control of what and how much we put into each of our products we always keep in mind the safety procedures in doing so that is in the best interest of all of our customers.
We’ve dedicated ourselves to thorough research on what is best for various skincare needs. Best of all, we have come up with luxurious, sensitive blends that moisturize the skin and have lovely fragrances.
This endeavor has given us the opportunity to customize our products for those who are looking into just wanting all-natural products with Essential oil Blends, to a person that either just wants Fragrances or for those who prefer no scent at all.
Premier Bath and Body Care now includes a variety of skin care products for all types, including lotions, fragrance oils, and more. Our greatest success has been evident in my nephew’s results after using our soaps and lotion. He suffers with complicated skin allergies and eczema, but has had much softer skin since using our products. Customers and colleagues alike have raved about how wonderful our products are.

We take great pride in what we do and can’t wait to share our love for our handcrafted products that cater to all!!

And our products are never tested on animals
(Dinah Ramos: Co-Owner of Premier bath & body care LLC)

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