Indulge your skin, let the magic begin!

Premier Bath & Body Care is a skin care line created by Mother and Daughter. Our shop features handcrafted products that are made in small batches using the finest oils, butters, and botanicals. We take great pride in the making of each product, keeping it as natural as possible without any added additives, harmful chemicals, or harsh ingredients.

The moisturizing oils used in our soaps will produce a rich luxurious lather that will leave your skin clean and soft without stripping it of its natural oils. We use only the best quality, most environmentally and socially responsible ingredients. We are proud members of the Greener Life Club dedicated to producing products and services that promote a Greener Life. The Greener Life Club represents Life Choices for a Greener Future through Fair Trade (100% fair trade and respect for Indigenous land rights), Carbon Footprint (Carbon Neutral), Animal Friendly (Cruelty-free and no impact on habitat) and Bio Healthy (Skin Safe and Organic and Non-GMO).

Over time we have expanded our line to a variety of skin care products including lip & body scrubs, body butters, lotions and so much more!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our new and returning customers for all your support!

Thanks again,
Rhonda & Dinah Ramos

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